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Big boobs dance video

One of her many teaser videos that’s safe for work, Dors Feline makes her big boobs dance underneath her sexy silver dress as she seductively smiles and let’s you wonder what it would be like to sleep with this curvy bombshell. Some nice shots of her round ass completes this teaser video.

Dors Feline rocking the heavy boobs


Curvacious beauty Dors Feline busts out what may be her best assets – her big heavy boobs. Sure they’re definite eye catchers, but her pretty face is the real prize here. Not to mention I’ve had naughty thoughts about riding those huge hips she has. Or perhaps she’ll get on top of me and smother me with that incredible chubbalicious body. I’d like that too.

Tits and tats on Dors Feline


Well, well… it looks like Dors Feline is booking some modeling gigs again to complement her own site. Here she is flashing her newest tattoos alongside her famous smashing pumpkins (British slang for big tits). It’s just amazing to me how full and firm they are, like they’re about to explode out of her shirt at any moment. I imagine it must be dangerous for her to walk down the street without some heavy fasteners to keep those sweater puppies down. In any case, enjoy these tits and tats! She wants you to.

Dors Feline bbw in bikini

It looks like everything about UK Dors Feline has been getting bigger, but her outfits have been getting smaller! Check out this tiny bikini her giant boobs are practically busting out of on this tropical beach shoot for XL Girls. There’s no way this bbw beauty can be contained by so little. Those gorgeous curves she has deserves to be seen. I don’t care who you are if you saw Dors Feline walking the beach in this bikini you would be goggling those giant boobs until your eyes popped out of your head. She’s a real head turner.

Dors starts new site Busty Dors Feline

busty-dors-felineWell folks it looks like Dors Feline has taken creative control and is the one controlling her new site Busty Dors Feline. So far I’ve seen lots more updates with more costumes and webcam shows, so it’s sure to be a big hit with her many fans.  She also seems to have become even more curvy, if you can believe it. I think those big British boobs have at least grown another size or two. I’ll never fit them in my mouth now!

Dors Feline teases us in the kitchen

Dors Feline is feeling a little frisky in her slinky dress because it easily reveals how big her breasts are. With a little tug the material falls away to expose the sexy black bra she has on underneath. Dors Feline is proud of her breasts and is happy to show us everything she’s got, slowly removing her top so we can feast our eyes on those enormous tits. She’s also proud of her many tattoos, so you’d better be too if you want to win her favors. I’m kinda digging the classical music this Dors Feline video is set to, even though it probably doesn’t match her punk flavor.

Dors Feline and her big Halloween boobs

halloween boobshalloween boobs
It’s hard for Dors Feline to find a Halloween costume to contain her big natural boobs, so why not let them both hang out? Seriously, if this busty British punk girl showed up on my doorstep I’d be ‘treating’ her all night long. I know Dors Feline likes to dress up in costumes, so I’d have her change outfits between each round of shagging. Then I’d get to unwrap those big British tits over and over again. I love Halloween, but having a Halloween night like that with her would be burned in my memory for all time. Every naughty sexy costume you could think of, Dors Feline could add her big natural boobs and easy quadruple the sexiness score. If you’re a big naturals fan, Dors Feline HAS to be high on your list. I just can’t imagine otherwise.

Huge natural breasts on sunbathing beauty Dors Feline

Dors FelineDors Feline Huge natural breasts on sunbathing beauty Dors Feline. She’s on vacation and taking some time out by the hotel pool. There’s nobody around, so she unleashes her big titties for some snapshots for her website. Why not? Everyone wants to see those 34k tits. This knockout chubby girl from the UK is a current favorite of mine. I love her British accent, I love her short hair, I love her sexy tattoos, and most of all I love those huge natural breasts!

Sensuous boob dance by Dors Feline

Sensuous boob dance by Dors Feline is much more hypnotic than I thought it would be. Of course those natural big tits are the main attraction, it’s hard to take my eyes off of them when she plops those giant boobs on the glass table. She’s damn cute, and I especially like the smile and the hair. The tattoos I’m a little iffy on, but if it means this busty British punk girl is a freak in the bed I’m all for it. I’d like to see some more sensuous boob dances please!

Massive tits in naughty nurse costume

Massive tits in naughty nurse costume! That’s hot. I don’t know if Dors Feline is dressing up for some perverted costume party, or (I hope) this is part of her kinky wardrobe which she uses to turn the men on. Who doesn’t have a naughty nurse fetish? And with those massive tits and white stockings, punk girlfriend Dors Feline has enough firepower to cure whatever ails you. For me, that’s a case of blue balls from looking at her fill out this naughty nurse costume, and I’m hoping she can take care of it soon!

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